Bobcat Scent Marking Behavior

Bobcat Track in Snow

In an area known as Catlin Woods in White Memorial we came across this Bobcat trail.  Scent mark

Upon following it we found many scent markings.  It seemed to go from one to another, not more than a couple dozen yards apart.  I never think to measure or count these things but there were at least 7 or 8 within 75 yards or so.

Below is a nice section of a walking pattern.  Bobcats will often use an overstep walk as well as this direct registering walking pattern.  You can really see the wideness of the trail here, indicating the wide body of the animal.  A fox walking leaves a much narrower trail in proportion to its tracks and stride (length between each step).

Bobcat walk tracks

Bobcat Scent Marking

As evidenced by these tracks the animal would aim its back end at a stump or log and spray it with scent.  When we put our noses to it there was a definite catty musk.

Bobcat Scent Post

Even though the spray seems to have come out the back side it is my understanding that does not contraindicate a male.  The size of the tracks and frequency of marking lead me to believe is was indeed a male, though I cannot be certain.

Bobcat Marking Territory

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