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Wild Plant Walk

Wildlife Tracking

Ancient Fire Making

Bow Making Intensive

Beyond Spoon Carving

At the Speed of Nature 5 day Nature emersion.


Wild Plant Walk

Our ancestors, recent or ancient, knew the plants and trees in their environment intimately. Food, medicine, fibers, dyes, tools, all could be fashioned from plants.

The intimate relationship with plants that all people once had is still possible and quite accessible. Join me to explore, experiment and get to know some of our local wild plants through direct experience.

Every plant walk is different due to season and landscape. Past students often come again and again.

Safety, ethics and methods of identification will be covered.

$35 per participant.
Limited to 8 participants 18 years of age and above.
1 to 4pm
May 7, 2022
July 16, 2022
Litchfield CT

Wildlife Tracking

There are always clues created by wildlife for us to decipher, telling a story of their habits and lives. By learning the language of track and sign we gain insight into Nature’s mysteries. Who left this track? How did this feather get here? Why are the birds all calling from over there?

Beginner students will learn a new way to look at the world and experienced trackers will be challenged toward a greater understanding of Nature.

$50 per participant.
Limited to 6 participants 18 years of age and above.
10am to 4pm
January 23 2022
January 30 2022
Litchfield CT

Ancient Fire Making

To create fire from nothing but sticks and ingenuity is fun, empowering and magical. This is your chance at a glimpse of deep understanding of humanity’s relationship with fire. It is one of our earliest and most versatile tools.

In this workshop participants will learn how to make fire with the bow drill method and experience other ancient fire techniques.

I have an exceptional amount of experience in practicing and teaching this skill. One would have a difficult time finding a better mentor in this area.

$130 per participant.
Limited to 6 participants 18 years of age and above.
Includes materials.
10am to 4pm
March 12, 2022
October 1, 2022
Litchfield CT

“Andy is the best. Making fire changed me- I’m crying a little writing this. It’s profound to make fire with only a knife and things in nature. I took Andy’s class because I felt my wings were clipped (airline pilot 767, furloughed 3/3/03), to enjoy the ‘ground’. Nothing else would’ve worked”.

Carla Bates Barzetti

Bow Making Intensive

A symbol of humanities ingenuity and mastery of skill, archery has existed for at least 10,000 years.

In this 4 day class students will go from stave to hunting tool covering the entire process of bow making. Along the way you will gain experience in use and maintenance of hand tools necessary for the task.

$500 per participant
Tools and materials provided.
Max 5 students 18 years of age and above.
This is a 4 day class.
10am to 4 pm each day
September 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2022
Litchfield CT

Beyond Spoon Carving

Trees have been used by people not only to make useful and beautiful objects as far back as we can imagine.  They have fed us, treated our illnesses and inspired us.

Spend two days learning the craft of spoon carving and beyond spending time with a few species of trees, learning identification, edible and medicinal traits and how to transform “green” wood into spoons for eating, serving or cooking. 

Instruction will include how to use tools such as knives, chisels, hatchets and saws safely and effectively.  This is a great introduction to woodcarving of any kind.

$220 per participant.
Tools and materials provided.
Limited to 6 participants 18 years of age and above.
This is a 2 day class
10am to 4pm each day
April 9 and 10 2022
Litchfield CT

Blanket Coat

Create a Capote, a traditional French Canadian garment made from a wool blanket for the snowy North.

Using a simple design students will sew a warm coat to their own specifications. Pockets, hoods, buttons, belts, and more can be customized to you.

Plain colored blankets will be provided (like the grey one pictured here that is 80% wool) or you can bring your own fancy one!

$180 per participant
Max participants 8
18 years of age and above (16 if accompanied by an adult).
10am to 4 pm.
October 22
Litchfield CT

At the Speed of Nature

Nature connection week for adults.

A deep, timeless emersion in Nature’s rhythm, this “summer camp for grown ups” is a place to slow way down and experience a few days of true wildness. At each participants own pace we will shuck off modern gear and ideas and move toward a more connected way of experiencing Nature. Make your own mattress of leaves, harvest a few meals from wild plants, learn the language of animal tracks and bird behavior, and more.

Food provided (due to COVID 19 participants must bring their own tent).
Max participants 12, 18 years of age and above.
This is a 5 day overnight class.
Early Spring 2022, location to be announced.