Some Big Trees

Deneen and Big Oak Tree

Deneen and I share a great love of trees.  This Oak tree (above and below), is at White Memorial Conservation Center on one of the more popular trails.  I did not go the extra mile to determine the exact species but probably a White Oak.  WMCC property is full of big beautiful trees.

Deneen and Big Oak Tree Big Tree Chewed by Beavers

Above is another big oak that some beavers did some work on in the past.  Enough of the cambium stayed intact that it was able to live.

Willow Tree in the Swamp

This willow is not the largest on the property, those along the board walk are much bigger.  The draw for this one was finding it out in the swamp far from the regularly used trails.

Deneen in the Tree Big Black Cherry

Above and below a Black Cherry, with the largest trunk I have seen yet.

Big Black Cherry

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