Build your relationship with Nature through skills and crafts with Forest Wolf as your guide.

Check out these Classes

Nature Connection Immersion Week For Adults

Spoon Carving Weekend

Wildlife Tracking

Bow Drill Friction Fire Class

Bow Making Intensive

Outreach Programs

The Forest Wolf offers unique outreach programs for public and private schools, nature centers and community groups.  Both hands on and powerpoint style programs are available.  

Private Mentoring

I am available for private mentoring on a one time or long term basis. Many students have particular areas of study that they employ me to assist with such as wildlife tracking.

Andy Dobos, aka Forest Wolf

I have twenty years of experience practicing nature connection and wilderness skills and over a decade as a professional mentor.

Andy lives a life of dedication, artistry and love.  For over twenty years he has dedicated his life to connecting adults and children to nature and supporting teens to grow into powerful adults.  Andy is an artist whose hands craft works of art and function in the form of bows, baskets, carved spoons and bowls and many other artisan crafts.  As a naturalist and survival skills expert, Andy is a leader in his field who has dedicated thousands of hours to learning tracking, wild edible plant identification, friction fire starting, bushcraft and so many other earth-based skills.  Andy is also a master-level mentor.  Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Andy’s mentoring is how he infuses his lessons with life and nature-based wisdom.  Andy’s programs not only teach students how to take raw materials and transform them into beauty and function, they also transform his students and reveal their own unique beauty and power.

Justin Pegnataro, LPC, former Executive Director for Two Coyotes Wilderness School.

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