knife making

Put a handle on this carving knife and finished the sheath for it recently.  I learned a lot from this one.  A large handle is often used with whittling or carving knives to help with hand fatigue.  The shape of the handle made for unique challenges with the sheath.

wooden Knife handle

This piece of maple was given to me by another craftsman.  It has the most beautiful figure in it, the photo does not even do t justice.

maple knife handle

The red bands are from another gift piece, I do not recall anymore what type of wood it is unfortunately.  I used it for the three red bands I reserve for knives for myself, Deneen or others close to the school.

Knife and sheath with strap

I did not do a very good mockup before I made the sheath and therefor did not predict that the knife would not sit strait or that the bulge just below the three lines was unnecessarily exaggerated.  I have a more elegant design in mind for the future.  I often experiment on the things I make for myself, sometimes leaving me with the “factory seconds”

The tapered shape of the handle meant a good friction fit would not work so I created the loop to hold the knife in.  No belt loop on this one, it stays in the pack or pocket until it is needed since it is for specialty use.

I haven’t named this one yet.  If you have any ideas let me know.