Snake Sheds Turned into Mouse’s House


mouse nest materials

Deneen found this in the wood pile.  A mouse, or possible vole’s nest made almost entirely of snake skins.  I have never seen this before.  Certain birds will use a snake skin or two in their nests and I would not have been surprised to see a few snake skins in a mouse nest, this many is something else.  The wood piles here do tend to be full of snake sheds in the summer so even though the wood pile was surrounded by a field full of other materials, these must have been the most convenient.

Please let me know if you have ever seen this before.  Pictures are welcome.




A Little Snake and a Beaver in its Lodge.

A small Brown Snake

Deneen and I went to Roraback Preserve a couple weeks ago where we came across this little Brown Snake. I have never seen one before but read they are rather common.

Deneen by Beaver Lodge

We sat down for a break by this beaver lodge and quickly heard a beaver slap its tail on the water.  It swam around for a couple minutes then dove under the water and went into the lodge right in front of us.  We listened to it shake off and have a snack while it was in there.   It was a very cool experience.

Beaver in the water


Swimming Beaver