Robin Nest

This nest is on a shelf in my folks garage. Every time anyone walks through the mother flies off the nest almost into the persons head, startling the heck out of them.

I had seen a Robin with a beak full of grass trying to get in just a couple weeks ago.  Now they have two eggs.  I look forward to the baby birds, my daughter Gabby and I can watch them grow.

PS sorry for the not great picture, my good camera needs repair.

Goldfinch Nest

bird nest

Birds nest identification turns out to be tricky.  This nest was about 10 or 12 feet up in a Quaking Aspen sapling.

Goldfinch nest

As you can see it was beautifully crafted by what we came to conclude where Goldfinches, out of strips of bark and thistle or milkweed down (both where abundant).  It was in a managed successional field with nearby wetland and forest, prime habitat for Goldfinches.  The other possibility we considered was Yellow Warbler but it seemed to far from the water.

We took this nest down to get a better look.  The tree we cut the branches from was doomed to the brush cutter as the area is kept clear to create a specific habitat.  Collecting birds nests is illegal without a permit.

Goldfinch nest