Another good tracking day.

Beaver Bog Swamp at Great Hollow Wilderness School in New Fairfield. Another day of perfect tracking conditions out on the swamp. Raccoon Tracks. Front track on the left, note the crescent palm pad shape.

Raccoon in their typical pacing gait. Close up of Bobcat tracks, front is to the left, hind to the right. Over step walk of a bobcat indicative of a faster walk, covering some distance quickly and efficiently.
Another overstep walk, this time a little slower.
Deer out on the ice.

Bear at Great Hollow.

Here are some bear tracks we found at work. They were a little old and effected by melt.

In this one you can clearly see some of the toe and claw marks. An over-step walk/pace. A classic bear thing to do.

A length of a more or less direct register walk. The bear traveled quite a distance in this gate alternating with the over-step walk above.
Some bear poop.

Summer Day

Classic front and hind tracks, side by side of Raccoon ( hind on right side in picture below).

Skull of Great Horned Owl the kids found at work.

Owl feathers. We found the whole skeleton, what a great teaching oppertunity.
These are the small bones that surround the fixed eyes of owls.

Rattlesnake Plantain.