Holmegaard Bow

holmegaard bow, self bow

My friend Greg, a great bower, helped me out making this Holmegaard style bow.  Its is make of Sugar Maple and shoots smooth and sweet.

Holmegaard is an area in Denmark where the first of these ancient bows was found preserved in a bog.  Holmegaard’s have certain features that I have replicated, though not precisely, in this bow.  I used a wider belly than back, narrow non-bending handle, and narrow tips.

Holmegaard bow handle

A more true example would have been shorter, mine is over 6 foot, bent little in the narrow tips and been a little wider in the rest of the limb.  I prefer a longer bow and therefor a narrower limb. Replication of history is also not my aim.  My aim, so to speak, its to make good bows and learn to hunt with them.  The second part is a longer journey than the first.

holmegaard bow

8 thoughts on “Holmegaard Bow

    1. Making the Holmegaard is not that different than any other bow in that the hardest part is getting it to bend evenly and where you want it to bend. That is only learned with practice. I still have a lot of trouble with it. You can find tutorials on archery and bowmaking websites for many kinds of bows. Maybe I will do one someday. In the mean time check out my friends videos on bow and arrow making at this link below.

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