Blue Jay Tracks

Blue Jay Tracks in Sand

At the Kennebunk Plains a few weeks ago in the frozen mud I discovered Jay tracks.  Blue Jays have peculiar feet being quite narrow for there length.  The toes are tight against each other and bulbous and strong looking.  Chickadees and some other birds also have narrow feet with tight toes but are different in size or lack the muscular look that the jack-of-all-trades Jay has.

Blue Jay Tracks

It was easy to age these tracks.  When I arrived there at about 10am, the ground was frozen solid.  In the sun where these tracks where it was slick soft mud by 1.  Assuming similar conditions the previous day (and I believe that was the case) I think they would have been made in the afternoon of that day to look this clear.

Blue Jay Hopping



Above is some hopping and skipping.

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