Veronica the Hawk and baby squirrels at White Memorial Nature Center

Red Tailed Hawk
Putting out a meal for Veronica the Hawk

At White Memorial Conservation Center last weekend Deneen and Gabby had the privilege of putting out a snack for Veronica the Red Tailed Hawk.  Years ago Veronica showed up around the museum begging food.  She lives wild and has been seen hunting many times including by me (it was a super cool thing to see).  She is however very comfortable with people and still comes around for food now and then.

Red Tailed Hawk
Veronica the Red Tailed Hawk Grabs Her Snack
Red Tailed Hawk
Veronica's Portrait
Orphaned baby squirrels being rehabbed by a friend of ours.

Gabby also got to feed these baby squirrels that were being rehabbed by our friend Lois.  They came to her as orphans from a cut down tree.  Gabby had told me a few days before that she wanted to be an “animal saver” when she grows up.  Lois was kind to help her get a head start on her dream.

We are very thankful

Gabby Feeding Baby Squirrels


I left feeling very grateful to have these experiences at our favorite place to go together.

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