More Camera Trap Pictures From the Deer Carcass

Game Camera

More pictures from the game camera.  This Eastern Coyote came.  Seems to be a different individual than the other coyote in previous photos.  Neither coyote fed.

It started to snow around 5 am while the Coyote was there.  Then this Bobcat (which I later determined to be a male, both bigger and lighter colored than the other Bobcat) came to the carcass.  It immediately covered the carcass with leaves and eventually fed from it.

We had removed the hide in order to take some meat for ourselves and then placed the rest of it here with the hide back on.  Our manipulation of the hide may have effected the way the animals feed from the carcass.  The Bobcat started here at the shoulder then moved to the rear end.

He looked over his shoulder many times toward the field.

Early that night and again the next morning the first Coyote came back.  I have the pictures in opposite order here because it’s a pain to change it.

On the thirteenth both male and female Bobcats are on the carcass when one of the Coyotes come in.  I wonder why it waited until now to eat from the carcass?  There were plenty of opportunities when no one else was around.

The female was much less comfortable with the Coyote and was never in the picture when the Coyote was close.  The male however would not leave the carcass.  I have many more pictures of the Coyote and male Bobcat together like this.

Here are the two Bobcats eating peacefully together.

More to come.

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