Day at the Boardwalk

Deneen and I went to the boardwalk at White Memorial last weekend.  Among a lot of other cool stuff we saw this huge snapping turtle making its way to some open water right next to the boardwalk.

Just after the sun set we located a woodcock doing its mating display.  As it flew up, in order to flutter back to earth making a twittering whistle with its wings, we snuck up closer and closer to its landing place.  It buzzed away as I got these pictures while lying on the ground about 10 feet away.

2 thoughts on “Day at the Boardwalk

    1. I didnt know Timber Doodle was a name for woodcocks. Or is it the turtle? (just kidding). We were not all that sneaky really, it seemed to have a high tolerance for our presence. I took about 20 pictures of it in total just to get two or three good ones.


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