Spring Time

Sorry I have not been writing, its been a very busy spring working long hours at work and teaching a lot on the weekends. 

On a walk along the road the other day I saw a lot of great edible plants.  Did not have the camera but heres a list; Hog Peanut, Ground Nut, Sumac, Ramps, Burdock, Sweet Fern.  All within a short walk from my house. 

Here are some pictures of things I have seen around. 

Skunk tracks in the garden (and a dog)

skunk tracks in garden

Skunk poop (I think)

skunk poop

Dead fish found at White Memorial on shore of Bantam Lake near shore point where otter sign was found.  Otters chew tails off of fish upon catching them so they won’t swim away. 

dead fish white mem

Otter scat and muskrat skull and bones.

otter sign white mem

Open muscle shell right next to otter scat. This was a super cool place that had scat of multiple ages. 

more otter sign

A thrush in my back yard.  I am not sure if its a wood or hermit thrush.

thrush in back yard

Thrushes nest.  Female was also nearby.  They had divebombed some kids who were looking at the nest earlier. 

thrush nest

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