Tracking in Maine

I had the pleasure of going tracking while visiting some dear friends in southern Maine this weekend.

My girlfriend Deneen and I went to look at a spot she had seen deer bedded down in earlier in the day and we (by that I mean I, Deneen is much less clumsy) startled seven deer up out of their beds but not before getting a good look at a couple of them 30 or 40 yards away. They were so graceful as they bounded off.

Here is Deneen alongside one of the many beds we found. I did not count but there was more than a dozen.
Here is the most beautiful bed we saw. It is easy to see how the animal lay there and quickly rose at our disturbance.

In another area we found what I am pretty sure was a Ruffed Grouse landing and take-off. the Tail is clear in the landing and delicate wing marks are to either side of the take-off along with the body prints.

More pictures to come.


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