Atlatl and Darts; Quiet, I am Hunting Mammoths

When I first met my wife Deneen we were taking a workshop on how to put together an atlatl and dart kit.  A few weeks later when we where courting over email I told her I had already killed a mammoth with mine, how was hers coming along?

My attempt at charm aside, atlatls and darts (spears) were what ancient man used to hunt mammoths and other very large animals.  Australian Aboriginal people used them up into historical times.  Much simpler that bows, they are relatively easy to make and fun to use.

This is a video exploration of a couple sets I have made.

3 thoughts on “Atlatl and Darts; Quiet, I am Hunting Mammoths

  1. Well, bringing down a “mammoth” says good provider in any age. Whether the news is conveyed via e-mail or smoke signals..:)

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