Daylight Owl

Great Horned Owl

Some days ago while looking at the tracks that made it into some of my previous posts, my wife Deneen and I flushed this Great Horned Owl out of a tree above us.  As if flew to its new perch pictured here, the startled chickadees alarmed with their “chick o dee dee dee” call.  The alarm raised was only brief.  Deneen and I were hoping to see the big bird get mobbed by the little guys but it didn’t happen.  At the bird language class we took at White Pine Programs we had learned that the littler raptors are more likely to get a mobbing response as they are the ones that routinely eat little birds.


Yesterday I did see a little bird predator in the shape of a Coopers hawk.  It was perched in a tree that was a favorite roost for a flock of starlings.  The starlings came by to occupy the tree but made a swift change in direction.  My friend said it looked like people crossing to the other side of the street when an unsavory character appears in front of you.


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