Big Bobcat

I am finally posting again, sorry for the interruptions I will try to post more regularly or at least in bigger clumps.

Yesterday on the way to work I saw a huge bobcat in the middle of the day in someones front yard. I was driving, late for work and going to fast but still saw it from the corner of my eye right there in the sunshine. It was so big my very first thought was I was seeing a mountain lion. Of course it was not, it had pointed ears with white spots on them. It was as big as a smallish German Shepard, very healthy looking and moved rather slowly. I slowed down as I went past and had to back up. I do this a lot with wild animals and they often wait for me to come back for a second look, I assume out of curiosity. I had my camera right there on the seat next to me but by the time I got it out of the bag the bobcat had walked into the woods. I got out to look for it, but of course it disappeared like a ghost. When I went back to the car it appeared crossing the road in front of me. I got a couple crappy pictures of it that I will try to put up next week when I get back home.

I can see how people may sometimes mistake bobcats for mountain lions, though I am sure that is not always the case. I can also understand now how a bobcat can hunt whitetails, this animal was certainly capable of taking doe.


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