I have been working on a couple whitetail hides using the wet scrape method. One of them was given to me already bucked and scraped by a friend and ready to brain. With all the hard work done I still screwed it up by putting it in the brains (eggs) to wet.

It stiffened right up during final stretching so I have dampened it and put it back in the brains.

On my next try softening I still didn’t get it very soft. I really beat on it which hurt my hands, I couldn’t do this all the time, its to rough on my developing carpel tunnel syndrome. I don’t know if this hide was not bucked enough or my braining or softening is not good enough. In the spring I will try frame softening.


2 thoughts on “Braintanning

  1. Braintanning is a lot of work isn’t it, I have only tanned one skin yet. It was hard work, but it got reasonably soft. What I think I did wrong was that it wasn’t really warm enough where I worked for it to dry well while I worked it.

  2. Yeah I think I am going to live with the hide a little stiff. I have mild carpell tunnel syndrom and a super soft hide just isn’t worth the damage to my hands. Andy

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