Poison Ivy in Winter

Poison Ivy in winter

I forget all about Poison Ivy after October and only think about it again when I see the new leaves in spring.  Of course it is still there, leafless and dormant.  Pictured above and below is the bud and a few remaining berries of a large vine.

Poison Ivy bud and berry's in winter poison ivy in winter

Below is the “trunk” of Poison Ivy climbing a tree.  Poison Ivy vines are often described as hairy, in this case the hair like rootlets that hold the vine to the tree are few and not obvious from a distance.

Poison Ivy growing up tree.

New England Primitive Skills Gathering

Last weekend was the New England Primitive Skills Gathering in Woodbury CT.  Its nice and low key this year, the weather was cooler than previous years which was nice for all the people working on bows.  Met some great new people with a real passion for the woods and their craft. 

I didn’t take a single picture which means I must have had a great time.  A few things I did this year where; help lead edible plant walk, started some pottery, was gifted a lot of material like cordage and basket making material and some bow staves (hop hornbeam). 

It was good to see everyone again.  See you all not soon enough.




I took a gourd canteen making workshop with Cody Lundin at Winter Count this winter.  I brought back a lot of seeds from my gourd and some of my classmates and planted them this spring having started them in the house.  I did everything wrong from forgetting to water them to waiting to long to transpant them to the garden.  Despite my best efforts to kill them they proliferated much to my excitment.






Maine Primitive Skills School of Connecticut

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching workshops as a satellite school of the Maine Primitive Skills School here in Northfield Connecticut. Workshops and dates are on their 2008 calender now. Please check it out, there is also information about the facilities I have access to here in Northfield as well as tons of information on the Maine school.

There is a link to the Left side of this page.