The Forest Wolf offers unique outreach programs for public and private schools, nature centers and community groups.


Guided Walks

A three hour guided walk for your group focusing on either wildlife tracking or wild edible and medicinal plants at a your location. I have been hired to do these walks many times by nature centers like White Memorial Conservation Center, The Institute for American Indian Studies as well as private land owners. $150 plus travel.

Animals and What They Leave Behind

Hands-on Presentation About the Natural World Seen Through the Eyes of a Wildlife Tracker

This hands-on presentation offers students the opportunity to intimately connect with animals through the signs they leave behind. We will share, skulls & bones, feathers, egg shells, plaster casts of animal tracks and images of these animals. Discussion will emphasize the utilization of animal signs to identify the wildlife in one’s backyard. Student’s observation skills will be challenged with questions related to these objects encouraging greater understanding of animal morphology, adaptations and survival.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to provide an intimate, hands on experience!

This presentation can be adapted for any age group from 7 to 107.

Fee is $100 plus travel for the first 1 hour presentation.
$50 for each subsequent presentation.

Wildlife Tracking in New England

Images and Stories of Nature’s Who-Done-Its

This slideshow presentation will introduce attendees to the world of wildlife through the eyes of a local naturalist.  Andy Dobos, naturalist, educator and certified wildlife tracker, will recount tales of personal tracking adventures.  These stories unravel mysteries left in tracks, encounters with wildlife and discoveries of hidden animals living along side each of us.

Through dramatic stories written in dirt and snow, Andy will illustrate how knowledge of animals adaptations for survival allow us to predict or confirm their actions.  The presentation will also demonstrate the scientific method at work in an informal, exciting and accessible way as observations come together to prove or disprove hypotheses.

Bring this presentation to your school or community group and reveal how studying nature can be fun, interesting and attainable.

This presentation works best with older students (7th grade and up) and adults. It is 40 to 60 minutes, dependent upon group’s needs and can be presented to very large groups.

$150 Plus travel.