Wood is my favorite medium.  I carve bowls, spoons, magic wands, knife handles and sculpture from wood.  It’s all really an excuse to spend time with the material.  Never am I able to create something more beautiful than what the tree has already made, I can only draw attention to it.  I also use tree bark, grass, even fruits (like the gourd canteen) to make traditional crafts.

I sell my traditional craft work at farmers markets and craft fairs.   If you see something here that you would like to purchase you may contact me at andobos@yahoo.com. I also do commissions including sculpture and carving knives and sheaths. 

You can see my latest work on instagram @theforestwolf.

Please note:

While the designs and techniques of my traditional crafts are inspired by many peoples and most can be found in many places around the world, I do live here in New England in the U.S. on land stolen from nations of indigenous peoples.  I cannot pretend that I do not stand on their sorely bent backs, as I reach for the same species of trees and plants they used for millennia before the people of my cultural heritage committed genocide against them and outlawed their traditional practices (laws still enforced into my lifetime). The death and suffering of the indigenous people (and many others) created a circumstance that allows for the easy, safe life I and my family have today.  

I continue to work with (and make my living working with) these species and techniques out of my deep love of doing so. I am aware many of today’s surviving descendants of  America’s indigenous people do not even have access to these trees and plants that I am able to harvest freely because of my relationships with white landowners.  For this I owe a debt I will never be a able to fully repay.  

Twined and coiled baskets with gourd canteen
Folded Bark Bucket of Tuliptree and Hickory Bark
Folded Bark Bucket of Tuliptree and Hickory Bark
Folded Bark Bucket of Tulip and Hickory
Folded Bark Bucket of Tuliptree and Hickory
Eating Spoon of Sassafras
Eating Spoon of Cherry
Serving Spoon of Cherry
Spalted Maple Eating Spoon
Cherry and Black Walnut spatulas
Turned Applewood Bowl
Birch Laddle
Butternut Serving Spoon
Custom carving knife
Sloyd Knife
Grass Basket
Coiled Basket of Grass
Eating Spoon of Spalted Maple