Welcome to Un-official Forest Camp! Below you will find information and a registration form for camp. Please read everything carefully, all the way to the bottom! Thank you and see you in camp.

COVID 19 Safety Information

Please note that no camper with symptoms of Covid or who has been around some else with symptoms or who has traveled to any of the states in the last 2 weeks that the State of Connecticut has listed as requiring quarantine will NOT be allowed in camp.

Symptoms include; fever over 100 degrees,

  • Fever over 100 degrees
  • cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • chills
  • muscle pain
  • sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • Or if your child has spent time with someone with these symptoms or a diagnosis or positive test for covid in the last two weeks

Other COVID info

  • Staff will wear masks when within 6 feet of campers
  • Staff are not required to get COVID tests. The state does not require this of regular camps and it would put an undue burden on the staff (I waited 4 hours in line to get one recently, to find out dont have covid)
  • If someone in camp has any of the above symptoms, staff included, they cannot return until they have tested negative
  • If anyone tests positive during the camp week we will close camp (I will not be able to give a full refund if this is the case as my staff have potentially turned down other work to be with us. I will base any refund on the number of days missed with the livelihood of my staff in mind
  • Also note that as of last week there had been only one case of COVID reported at a summer camp in CT.

Time and Place

Camp will start at 9am and go to 3pm each day August 24th through 28th.

Drop off and pick up will be a Roraback Wilderness Management area in Harwinton. It’s not at the spot indicated by navigation apps. Please see below for detailed directions.

Children must be 5 to 14 years old to attend.

Registration Form

Please fill out a registration form for each camper in your family.


Our drop off point is just North of the pin on the above map. If using your own navigation app go to South Rd in Harwinton. Just South of where South Rd Meets Rt 4 you will come to Grandview Farms Equestrian Center. We are on the right a few hundred yards past that. It’s just a little pull ofF with a trail sign. You will see us there. You will have to park on the side of the road.

Drop Off Instructions VERY IMPORTANT

Please stay in your cars at drop off. Our instructors will come to each car with questions regarding COVID 19. Please note that no camper with symptoms or in a household with anyone with symptoms or who has traveled to any of the states in the last 2 weeks that the State of Connecticut has listed as requiring quarantine will be allowed in camp.

What to Bring

Campers should have the following

  • Water bottle (at least a quart worth of water)
  • change of clothes
  • water shoes
  • snack and lunch
  • rain gear
  • back pack to carry it in

Thunderstorms and Cancellations

We do not have a lightning shelter at this location. In case of lightning we will move to the safest location possible and perform our “lightning drill”. If sever weather is predicted we will either have late drop off, early pick up or cancel the day. If we cancel more than one day that week I will refund a portion of your payment. In order to pay a fair wage to my staff I cannot offer refunds, whole or partial, for short days or a single missed day. I hope you understand and value your children’s instructors and their livelihood. We do this work because we love children. And we still need to put food on the table.

Emergency Number

My phone number is 860 997-3480