Many of my classes are sponsored by organizations such as nature centers, museums and landtrusts. These are only a few examples of what I can offer. The cost varies by time, materials and preparation on my part.  If you wish to book a class or learn more contact me at

Please note: These workshops are tailored for adults and older teens.  Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, 16 and 17 can be dropped off and a waver signed by a parent.  


Wildlife Tracking Walks and Classes

Red Fox Tracks

There are always clues created by wildlife for us to decipher, telling a story of their habits and lives.  By learning the language of track and sign we gain insight into Nature’s mysteries.  Who left this track?  How did this feather get here?  Why are the birds all calling from over there?  Young or not so young, students will learn a new way to look at the world and experienced trackers will be challenged toward a greater understanding of Nature.

I offer 3 hour walks, 6 hour classes and multiple day intensives.  Expect mud, snow a lot of standing in the cold and amazing discoveries.

$25 per student for 3 hour walk, $50 for 6 hours.


Ancient Fire MakingFire

To create fire from nothing but sticks and ingenuity is fun, empowering and magical.  This is your chance at a glimpse of deep understanding of humanities relationship with fire.  It is one of our earliest and most versatile tools.  In this workshop participants will learn how to make fire with the bow drill method and experience demonstrations of other ancient fire techniques.

A 4 hour version of this class sends students home with the key components and a few hours of mentoring and practice.   With an 8 hour class students will go home with a complete kit and more practice/mentoring time bringing the student closer to mastery.

$50 for 4 hour class, 85 for the 8 hours.


Bow Making Intensive

Holmegaard bow handle

A symbol of humanities ingenuity and mastery of skill, archery has existed for at least 10,000 years. In this 2 day class students will go from log to hunting tool covering the entire process of bow making.  Along the way you will gain experience in hand tools necessary for the task.

This is a 2 day class.  Tools and materials provided. Max 5 students. $200 per student.


Spoon Carving Workshop


Trees have been used by people to make useful and beautiful objects as far back as we can imagine.  Spend a day learning to transform pieces of wood into a spoon or ladle (or both if your a quick study).  Instruction will include how to use tools such as knives, chisels, hatchets and saws safely and effectively.  This is a great introduction to woodcarving of any kind.

A 4 hour class. $50 per student.

Green Woodworking

Green woodworking is the name for using fresh cut wood to make craft items ranging from spoons to chairs using the changes that take place during the drying process to ones advantage.  Learn the basics in this weekend class where, we will learn how to use a hatchet, saw, knife and bit and brace.  Working at each students own pace we will build skills starting with carving a spoon and a shrink pot, to making a simple bench to possibly a more complex piece such as a chair or shaving horse.

Space is limited due to the nature of the class.  Tools and materials provided (bring your own tools if you have them).

Two day class (10 to 6 on Saturday and 9 to 5 on Sunday).  $200


Bark craftsFinished bark bucket

The skin of trees is not too dissimilar to the skin of animals.  Some species bark can be folded and bent when wet, then dry stiff.  Students will use bark from local trees to make folded containers while learning some tree identification and natural history.  Tools and materials included. 

4 hours. $50 per student