With the goal of increasing

awareness, understanding and relationship

with the natural world,

I offer:

Outreach programs for classrooms


Classes and workshops

Private mentoring

In the following areas

Edible, Medicinal & Useful Wild Plants

Wildlife Tracking

Nature Awareness

Wilderness Survival Skills

Primitive Fire Making

Woodcraft Skills

Bow and Arrow Making

Drawing and Sculpture



I have over a decade of experience teaching and mentoring Nature connection and wilderness skills as well as crafts and fine art.  I currently also work for Two Coyotes Wilderness School as a Nature connection mentor.  I have  facilitated many workshops at the New England Primitive Skills Gathering, the Maine Primitive Gathering, the Cattail Gathering, the Dawnland Gathering, White Memorial Conservation Center and the Institute for American Indian Studies as well as for other events and organizations. I hold a certificate of Advanced Completion for White Pine Programs Tracking Apprenticeship and a Level III Track and Sign Certification from Cybertracker Conservation.

If you are interested in learning more about what I can do for you, your family or community group, go to the links above or contact me at andobos@yahoo.com