Wood is my favorite medium.  I carve bowls, spoons, magic wands, knife handles and sculpture from wood.  Its all really an excuse to spend time with the material.  Never am I able to create something more beautiful than what the tree has already made, I can only draw attention to it.

I sell my work at farmers markets and craft fairs.  If you see something here that you would like to purchase you may contact me.  I also do custom work including sculpture and carving knives and sheaths.

Below are a few examples.

Red Maple serving spoon
magic wand, wooden magic wand
Magic wands.  Top is Beech and Black Walnut, bottom is Beech and Oak
hand carved spoons
Black Birch eating spoons. Both from the same log, the bottom one is heartwood
kestral sculpture
Tess the Kestral,  Made of Eastern Red Cedar
Spalted Maple eating spoon.  The black lines are formed by fungus.


Grass Basket
Coiled basket made of grass and hickory handle
Wooden tool box
Reclaimed wood tool box


Figured maple carving knife
Close up of curly maple, leather and moose bone handle on my custom carving knife


Carving knife
Custom carving knife. Moose bone, figured maple and unknown exotic wood handle.
Quiver with bear hide
Leather Quiver I made for my daughter with bear hide. (the bear hide came from a taxidermists scrap)
Custom carving knife
Custom Sloyd knife with mora blade and curly maple, moose bone and holly handle.
knife handle
Close up of knife handle above.
custom wand
Oak handle, Sycamore blade on left.  Walnut and Beach on right.