Tess the Kestrel.

kestral sculpture

Kestrels are little falcons that hunt insects and other small animals.  I carved this Kestrel from Eastern Red Cedar.  The wood was easy to carve though splintery.  I ended up sanding this (and need to do a little more sanding in some tight spots) to get a good finished surface.



Big changes for me, back in Connecticut to stay and a refocusing my career.  To facilitate my art and craft I have created a Patreon page to gather support in the old style of Patron and Artist.  Follow this link to find out more Forest Wolf.

I am also combining my natural history and wilderness skills endeavors onto this blog and my other Forest Wolf platforms.  The fate of Three Red Trees remains to be seen, certainly a new name or absorption into Forest Wolf altogether.  I will still do the work of Nature Connection, how can I not, and the Cattail Gathering will continue.

Stay tuned here for images of my work and wildlife and animal tracks.

Thank you all for your support.