Nature Connection Week For Adults

Five days to slow down and allow yourself to really connect with what is happening in the forest right now.

It takes time to let go of the speed of thought most of us must maintain to keep up with the environment of “modern life”, with its constant needs and distractions.

This 5 day course will allow participants to slow down, letting go of modern gear and expectations and experience one’s own deep connection to the world in front of you. You will be giving the opportunity to trade your tent and sleeping bag for a bed of leaves. When ready you can take off your shoes and walk barefoot into the marsh, collect cattail shoots to eat and leaves to make baskets. Learn who your animal neighbors are by the tracks you find and know how to tell when a hawk is around by the behavior of the birds. Make a fire by the friction of wood against wood to cook a meal you harvest wild from the land.

Participants will find a supportive learning environment designed to bring each person to their own edge of experience and there allowed to decide whether to take the next step without judgement or pressure. Your main guide in this endeavor has more than a decade of experience fostering relationships with his students that allows for vulnerability, openness and the celebration of the gifts each person brings.

Some Details

This is a 5 day overnight class that takes place entirely outside. There are no indoor facilities available to us (including no indoor toilet).

Food will be provided (due to COVID 19 concerns certain protocols, such as each participant preparing their own meals, will be put in place around food and personal distancing to keep us all safe).

A certain amount of physical activity will be required. Walking for a mile or two, sitting on the ground, sleeping outdoors, lifting, bending and using ones hands for extended periods will be necessary.

Each participant will need to provide their own tent, sleeping bag and some other gear (a full list will come with registration).

Andy Dobos makes learning about nature a present and growing experience. I have always walked away with a new perspective after programs lead by him.

Zephyr Hoffman

Join Me in the Forest!