I have been attracted to art and figurative form from an early age.  I pursued my interest in sculpture by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Montserrat College of Art. College afforded me the opportunity to experiment with many media including stone, wood, plaster, clay and textiles. In my early working years, I apprenticed at a pipe organ builder where I learned many valuable woodworking skills.

Besides being a craftsman I have studied wildlife tracking, earning an Advanced Completion Certificate from White Pine Programs Tracking Apprenticeship and a Level III Track and Sign certificate from Cybertracker Conservation.  I have also studied bird language, survival skills, wild edible and medicinal plants and Nature awareness.  The other half of my career is Nature Education, I offer workshops and private mentoring in many wilderness skills like mentioned above.

My love of Nature and creating art have come together here where I discuss the things I love to make, from materials I love to work with as well as tidbits of Nature observations. If you are interested in my work please contact me at andobos@yahoo.com or on Facebook at The Forest Wolf.  You can also find me at local craft fairs and farmers markets here in Connecticut and elsewhere in New England in the future.